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Skala Prinos

A little port connecting the island with Kavala and Skala Prinos is the ideal place to start your explorations around the island as it is placed close to all sightseeing places of Thassos.

In Skala Prinos you may find all the necessary tourist services. Find Taverns, bars, cafes, small market for souvenirs, activities for children and adults. There you will find also our offices, we will be happy to meet you in person.

From Skala Prinos starts the longest beach of Thassos. Two kilometres of gold sandy beach leads you to a pine forest of Dassylio.


Dassilio is a small pine forest surrounded by an award-winning beach. It is strongly recommended to guests seeking for quiet holidays or for those who love biking.

What to do

  • Visit the olive oil museum and the factory of organic olive oil.
  • Visit Thassos honey factory. Visit the traditional shipyards, if you are lucky you will see how a wooden boat is made!
  • Feed the sea turtles in the small channel.
  • Taste the flavours in the local taverns. Try Larous for real Italian and Greek tastes
  • Visit open market (Pazari) in Prinos village

Kazaviti (Mikros & Megalos Prinos)

Well hidden in the mountains to protect its citizens from pirates. Authentic sample of Macedonian architecture, old churches stend there from 18th-century, dense vegetation of pine trees, chestnut and mulberry trees, stunning panoramic sea views. Traditional lodgings of excellent aesthetics, restaurants and fabulous stone square. All these make up a perfect scenic for relaxing vacation 12 monthes a year. Be in a mountain 7 minutes far from the a sandy beach!

What to do

  • Walk the narrow stone made paths of the village
  • See the spectacular architecture of the mansions
  • Indulge in the shade of perennial platans in the village square
  • Enjoy lunch or coffee and local walnut sweet called 'karidaki gliko'
  • Join our Old Thassos Tour and a guide where we will give you a tour of the Village with information about the nature and history.

Scala Sotiros

Sotiros is an abandoned mountain village with wild beauty and unexplained silence even in August.

Enjoy spectacular sea view, walk in unbelievably stone narrow streets and meet on your way some really authentic stone farmhouses.

Sotiros travels you to another era...


An abandoned mountain village with wild beauty and unexplained silence even in August.

Spectacular sea views, unbelievably narrow streets to keep winds out of the village stone farmhouses.

Sotiros travels you to another era...

What to do

  • Try local bread made as in the past
  • See a house of the prehistoric settlement that indicates the habitation of the village during the early Bronze Age
  • Start from Sotiros a hiking tour in Thassos mountains

Skala Kallirachis

A fishing village with really friendly people. Just outside the village you can find small fish restaurants built five steps from the beach. Few years ago were used as fishing huts of the fishermen. In the village of Kallirachi live mainly rural population who work on olive trees.

What to do

  • Take a guided walk in the village using the trails to the summit of Kaki Rachi and enjoy the magnificent view over the Aegean
  • Try fresh fish in fish taverns located just 2 meters away from the sea
  • Visit the folklore museum of Kallirachi

Skala Maries

Skala Maries is a quiet little fishing village with three wonderful tiny sandy bays and some family taverns. Don't wait to find luxury beach bars and fancy restaurants. Simple welcoming people, not commercial tourist approach. One of the well hidden places in Thassos which remains not crowded even in the peak season.

  • Swim at Atspas beach
  • Try Sun-dried octopus
  • Enjoy a wonderful sunset in a really relaxing scenic
  • Visit the mountainous village of Maries and Thassos lake


Endless sandy beaches and amazing views to Aegean Sea and to Holy Mountain Athos, Dozens of taverns, bars and little shops set on a lively seaside road decorated with excellent sculptures of the local artist Kostas Lovoulos.

  • Visit the folklore museum of Limenaria
  • Visit the ruins of the German iron factory of 18th-century at Mettalia beach. Admire the architecture of Palataki (Administration Building of Spiedel company)
  • Enjoy your fish by the sea in one of the beach taverns
  • Shop for your souvenirs


A small tourist settlement on a sandy organized beach with high pine trees alongside. Find water sports, little shops for your basic shopping, cafes and tavernas where you can enjoy delicious meals and stunning sunsets. Enjoy night life in the lively Potos and Limenaria town which are on easy walking distance.

What to do

  • Swim to a blue-flag awarded beach
  • Rise your adrenaline with water sports
  • Take your drink with the sound and the view of the sea & holy mountain Athos
  • Walk or drive to the neighboring villages (Potos & Limenaria) for shopping or entertainment


Stone houses, traditional authentic architecture, panoramic views of sea and forest, lonely and quiet village with a history of losing 600 years ago in Venice Gatelloutsi dynasty. Castro village Stands at an altitude of 450 meters above the sea.

  • Visit St. Athanasius Church in 1804, visit the church of Prophet Elias
  • Drink wine or liquor and snacks at the cafe try Costas self made local yoghurt and honey
  • Photo the wonderful landscape and enjoy its only a panoramic views to the sea
  • Join us on a full day excursion to the mountains of Thassos 4x4 one of the stops will be at Castro
  • Rent a 4x4 and include the Castro in your program. We will be glad to send you the way

Tip: During Summer months visit the village early morning, to avoid the hot weather of the summer. In the evening the cafe is closed. Do not start with your car if it is 4x4 as the route is difficult to be driven with an ordinary car.


Find in Potos a long (t two kilometres) of sandy organized beach with crystal clear waters, narrow streets with little shops, lively bars and fast food restaurants by the sea.

  • Wake up late and sleep early in the morning. During summer the nights in Potos are really interesting. The pedestrian area in the Summer turns to be a melting pot of people all over Europe
  • Shop by little shops
  • Swim and relax on the beach


Astris, according to Homer, is the place of residence of the mythical Sirens, now is a peaceful, traditional village, rich in fish with endless view to Aegean Sea . It is an ideal holiday place for the elderly, due to low humidity levels and the beneficial properties of the water and sand.

  • Visit the monastery of the Archangel Michael, which was built there in 1287. Don’t miss to see the piece of nail from the Holy Cross that is kept in the monastery
  • Swim in the nearby bay with its wild beauty of huge vertical rocks
  • Swim in Giola, the unique natural lake with sea water. Ask for our trip
  • Try seafood fished on the clean waters of South Thassos

Aliki beach

Nationally preserved settlement with authentic Thassian architecture, stunning beach with green waters surrounded by pine trees ready to 'jump' in the sea. Find small tourist taverns & beach bar, ancient ruins and the ancient marble quarries.

  • Walk around the ancient temple and visit the ancient marble quarries
  • Take your swimsuits with you and enjoy a long lasting swim in this amazing beach
  • Try sun dried octopus, and do not miss to drink the local spirit 'Tsipouro'


Find in Kinira virgin & wild beauty of big mountains and a famous spectacular sandy beach, called Paradise . It is a quiet and peaceful settlement with Family taverns, some nice hotels and a small market for the essentials.

  • Throw away your clock; here you definitely don't need it!
  • Swim in the beautiful Paradise beach
  • Explore Thassos mountains on a guided walk
  • Relax and read a nice book accompanied by the songs of the birds


Potamia, a Village with lots of water and unspoiled natural environment. Don’t miss the stunning panoramic views to the sea and to famous Golden Beach. Potamia is Ideal starting point for a walk to the highest peak on the island. Potamia is homeland of the internationally renowned sculptor Polygnotos Vagis.

  • Visit the museum Vagi
  • Enjoy a Greek coffee
  • Start a guided hiking to explore the pine forests of Thasos
  • Join the local carnival on Ash Monday which pays honour to the ancient Greek god Bacchus (Dionysus)


Traditional houses with stone roofs, narrow streets, wonderful nature everywhere, abundant crystal waters that pass through the village, mountain trails, small cafes and restaurants, old churches and history that goes back to Byzantine times.

  • Drink pure water from the village square that comes straight from a water spring
  • Try your coffee with a home made walnut sweet
  • Try Thassos lamb in one of the traditional taverns
  • Visit the church of Virgin Mary stands there in the early 19th century
  • Visit the carnival on Ash Monday

Golden beach & Golden Coast

Golden beach is a long sandy beach with fantastic background of a green mountain rising to 1206 meters. Find tourist taverns, fast food, coffee & water sports. The beach is lively and refreshing in the morning quiet and peaceful at night.

  • Swim and enjoy the lush view of the high mountain
  • Indulge in water sports
  • Try your meal in one of ouzo taverns located by the beach
  • Check out the souvenir shops
  • Visit the nearby town of Thassos for an evening stroll and a couple of drinks in one of the cool beach bars in Old town

Limenas (Thassos Town)

Thassos town is an interesting mix of modern seaside city with an ancient glorious past. Find there nice pedestrian roads for shopping, many options for entertainment and cultural events (exhibitions, theatre, etc), beautiful spots for walking, and award-winning beaches to enjoy the sea.

Natural Wealth

The city is surrounded by pine trees and old platans. Find few hundred meters out of the city marble quarries of the globally known snow-white marble of Thassos.

Archaeological Interest

A new modern city built on the ruins of one of the richest and most important cities of antiquity. Thassos town is undoubtedly one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Walk around the ancient agora, the ruins of the court, the Dome and an early Christian basilica, the walls of the city, enjoy a performance in the ancient theatre, walk up to medieval Acropolis and be amazed by the fantastic views, relax in front of the ancient port and try to dream how it was something like 2700 years ago...

  • Visit the archaeological museum of Thassos and admire the impressive ancient sculpture of Kouros 2.5 meters height, preserved on a really good condition
  • Take a tour around the ancient city of Thassos and dream how it was
  • Visit one of the exhibitions and cultural events taking place in the cultural centre 'Kalogeriko' (ask us for the program)
  • See a theatrical or musical performance at the ancient theatre (ask for our program)
  • Visit the whitest marble quarries in the world (upon request)
  • Chill out at bars of Thassos town

Scala Rachoni

Typical rural village invisible from the sea, girded with olive groves and pine trees. In Rachoni you will find authentic local life, small cafes with elders, and a church in honour of the Virgin Mary with a source of clean water that comes down from the altar. In Skala Rachoni the view is totally different. Significant development of hotels and restaurants serve mostly the needs for beach holidays for families with young children.

What to do

  • Visit the Holy Mary church
  • Drink local spirit Ouzo, Greek coffee and chat with the villagers
  • Try a Hiking trip in the mountain trails

Nestos River

One of the most important European places for bird life, hosting more than 350 different bird species in a pure natural environment protected by national and international institutions. Visit the traditional town of Stavroupoli and the village of Toxotes and rest after your exploration in one of the traditional hotels we propose you.

What to do

  • Try a guided walk by the river
  • Experience a horseback riding in a perfect scenic
  • Do Canoe Kayak in the river (low level of difficulty)
  • Get your meal in one of the traditional taverns near by

Kavala City

Kavala is a modern city where almost all houses enjoy a panoramic view to the sea. You could call it the Monaco of Greece. Its history is really rich. Just to mention that is one of St. Paul 's stops while he was teaching the Christian religion to Europe. Its market is cosmopolitan. Find there many famous brands of fashion. Kavala city's tradition in good fish taverns is well known.

What to do

  • Visit Archaological Museum
  • Visit the House of Mohamed Ali
  • Visit on a guided tour the Archaeological site of Philippi, the prison of St. Paul & the baptistery of the first Christian (Lydia).
  • Visit Tobacco museum
  • Shop in Kavala market
  • Take a stroll in the long port road facing the sea and the small fishing boats.


Lemnos is an island with long history, fascinating volcano ground, rich bird life protected by NATURA 2000, a rare phenomenon of Ammothines (A dessert in the middle of an island) and a paradise of authentic local tastes.

What to do

  • Try bird watching in protected areas of Chortarolimni, Asprolimni, and Alikes even if you are not bird watcher fun you will be amazed by the rare species you will meet there...
  • Visit the impressive Castle of Myrina that stands there since 1186 AD, enjoy the magnificent views to Myrina town and meet if you are lucky some wild deer.
  • Visit Poliochni and find the oldest parliament in Europe
  • Discover Ancient Efestia and admire the ancient theatre
  • Visit the well preserved village of Kontia
  • Taste flomaria, local cheese kalathaki and let your self to drink some more local wine which is one of the most famous in the whole Greece.
  • Visit Amities and be impressed by the rare phenomenon of a desert in an island & swim in Yiomati

Agios Efstratios Island

An island protected for its natural importance by NATURA 2000, maybe the paradise of bird watchers. Agios Efstratios is a peaceful island with just 200 friendly locals, perfect place for those seeking to escape. "Stop the world I want to get out"...

What to do

  • A must is to eat lobster in one of the friendly and economic taverns of this little island
  • Get in touch with the local and ask them to tell you the well hidden secrets of Agios Efstratios (such as peaceful beaches, romantic sunsets & nice spots for bird-watching)
  • Take a stroll to the village and feel a different sense of time. Rush is an unknown word here...

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